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COVID-19 Protocol

The health and safety of my clients is my highest priority.   I strive to make our organizing sessions as organized, easy and safe as possible.

The following safety measures are taken into account:  
*I am fully vaccinated & boosted (vaccination card available upon request)
*I will wear a face mask at all times if requested (unless client is also vaccinated and does not feel it necessary to wear one)
*I will wear disposable booties or indoor footwear if requested
*I will have lunch in my own vehicle, outdoors or a specified area within your home
*I will always have disinfectant and hand sanitizer on hand
*I will disinfect the client-designated bathroom after each use
*I will wash my hands upon arriving at your home and after breaks and meals
*I will stay at home if I have a fever or any other symptoms 

The following safety measures are what I request from my client:
*Please let me know whether yourself or anyone in your household has contracted the virus, is showing symptoms or is self-isolating.  I will make every effort to re-schedule our session at your convenience. 
*Please wear a mask when working within the same space as myself  (Exceptions will be made for individuals who cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition or if client is fully vaccinated)

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